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Can you be nice and make people work hard?

CharlieHR CEO & co-founder, Rob O'Donovan, dives into whether it always possible to "work hard and be nice to people."

“Companies can’t solve the happiness equation alone. Employees have a part to play.”

Samantha Clarke discusses how to retain talent, and make employees more engaged and resilient.

#AskCharlie: is it fair to offer flexible working only to parents?

“We are keen to offer flexible working to those with young families. Is it fair to offer this to them only and not to others?”

“Just don’t be a dick"

David Goldberg, CEO & Founder at Founders Pledge, on how we can build big, profitable companies that don’t leave the world worse off than how we found it.

Learning to be the boss

The co-founders of design agency UsTwo on why striking a balance between work and play goes beyond choosing the right beer fridge.

#AskCharlie: how to get people to take their holidays

“We have an unlimited holiday policy but many of our team take well below the statutory allowance. How should we encourage healthy holiday habits?”

CultureLab: being grateful as a company

Can expressing gratitude in the workplace transform your team’s interactions?

Hard work and no play makes for startup success

Revolut's founder on the hours he puts in, and expecting the same from his team.