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Can you be nice and make people work hard?

CharlieHR CEO & co-founder, Rob O'Donovan, dives into whether it always possible to "work hard and be nice to people."

I spent 10 years dancing in the Lion King. Here’s what it taught me about Operations and HR

I never made the decision to become a professional dancer. I started out tagging along to my sister’s dance lessons when I was just three years old - when it’s such a central part of your life, you never really notice that you are heading for a career

How to use the Bradford Factor - and why you shouldn’t bother

When it was first suggested, the Bradford Factor was pitched as an easy and fair way for businesses to get a handle on absence rates. But just how helpful it is to businesses in real life is a point of real contention.

We cut our hiring time by half. Here’s how we did it.

When you're trying to build a startup from scratch, making the right hires and the right time is crucial to success. In this article, we show you how to execute the perfect hiring sprint - and drastically reduce your hiring time.

Podcast - Jess Butcher

On this podcast Jess Butcher breaks down her approach on how to balance building a behemoth of a business while also raising a family.

Podcast: Steve Bartlett

From dropping out of school to running a team of over 200 people, in this podcast Steve Bartlett talks the details behind the success story and what it takes to grow your business.

Podcast: Alice Bentinck

Listen to Alice and hear first hand the advice that is being provided to the UK's next top technology companies.