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Can you be nice and make people work hard?

CharlieHR CEO & co-founder, Rob O'Donovan, dives into whether it always possible to "work hard and be nice to people."

We cut our hiring time by half. Here’s how we did it.

Anyone working in Operations at a small business will know that it can be stressful. When a startup is growing rapidly, the workload is piling up all the time... everybody is working beyond capacity and looking forward to securing the hires that can help ease that pressure. As the Ops

Podcast - Jess Butcher

On this podcast Jess Butcher breaks down her approach on how to balance building a behemoth of a business while also raising a family.

Podcast: Steve Bartlett

From dropping out of school to running a team of over 200 people, in this podcast Steve Bartlett talks the details behind the success story and what it takes to grow your business.

Podcast: Alice Bentinck

Listen to Alice and hear first hand the advice that is being provided to the UK's next top technology companies.

Podcast: Nick Jenkins

On this podcast Nick shares his journey from startup to exit. If you're currently growing a business this is a must listen.

Slow down. Find your pace. Then speed up.

Sophie Devonshire, CEO of The Caffeine Partnership, shares her secrets on managing energy levels and why pace is more important than productivity.

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