The Power Of Fifteen

Ahh fifteen minutes: the greatest unit of time in the working day.

Long enough to get stuff done, but not enough to be missed. Don’t waste it browsing cats on YouTube. Here’s fifteen ways to make the most of fifteen minutes…

  1. Right at the start of your day, take fifteen to make a plan of what you’d like to achieve. What’s your top line goal? Pick a task you’ve been avoiding and get it done!

  2. Consider implementing a “Fifteen Minute Brainstorm” policy, whereby anyone in the office can schedule in an appointment with anyone of their choosing at any time (within reason), in order to problem shoot or generate ideas.

  3. Book the fifteen minutes before a meeting out, and take the time to compose yourself, set up the room, and make sure you’ve got a clear agenda.

  4. Speaking of meetings: try dividing an hour long meeting into four distinct fifteen minute sections. Use each one to address a different topic, or even just to summarise and reframe a single issue.

  5. Take a stroll. Fresh air, a bit of sunshine, even getting drizzled on a bit can clear your head and give you a moment to breathe.

  6. Turn off your messaging service. Stepping away from Slack for just fifteen minutes can help you to focus. Probably no reason to tell people you’re going to do it- you’ll be back before they realise.

  7. Spend fifteen minutes a day practicing a new skill. Want to learn French? Smash the cryptic crossword? This is your chance!

  8. Ask someone else how their day is going. Bonus brownie points if you make them a cup of tea as well. Fifteen minutes is more than enough time to have a genuine conversation, without overstaying your welcome.

  9. Organise your workspace. A tidy desk = a tidy mind. Be brutal with rubbish, and make your space beautiful.

  10. Meditate. You can use a podcast or app (such as headspace), or even just sit quietly in an empty meeting room. Fifteen minutes a day and you’ll be zen in no time at all.

  11. Drink a full glass of water, and then pour yourself another one. Look out of the window, read a magazine or have a chat while you do it, but just make sure you’re getting your H2O.

  12. Do some market research. If you’re client facing, pick up the phone and call a customer. Make a note of gaps in your knowledge as you go through your day and proactively fill them in.

  13. Write something. Anything. You can find creative writing prompts online, or tackle a poem. Your imagination is a muscle, and it needs exercise. Throw your paper away, collect your musings in a document, or if you’re feeling confident: publish them on Medium 😉.

  14. Source a treat for later. A new podcast for your walk home, a recommendation for a great Sunday brunch in your area, or an exhibition at your favourite gallery. Find it, book it and put it in your diary.

  15. The last thing you want to do at the end of the day is think about work, but taking fifteen minutes to sort through what you’ll need tomorrow will make mornings feel effortless.

Quick! You’ve still got 13 minutes left. How about using it to check out our website.

Neo Sepulveda

Neo Sepulveda

Software engineer at CharlieHR 💻. I like climbing things quite a bit 🐒.

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