Making CharlieHR a great place to work for everyone

At CharlieHR, we pride ourselves on being open to a broad range of ideas and insights. After all, we are trying to develop a product that works for innovative businesses all over the world.

In order to do this, we are dedicated to building a diverse team of incredible people. We aim to be an exemplary employer in directly addressing issues of discrimination and representation in our industry.

Our commitment:

  1. Ensure that we are a great place to work for everyone
  • maintain a respectful environment
  • offer equitable salaries
  • develop supportive policies
  • sustain a collaborative and learning culture
  1. Implement a hiring process that is as objective and non-exclusive as possible
  • use standard tests where relevant
  • minimise subjective processes that encourage unconscious bias
  • create job postings with inclusive, open and inviting language
  • proactively encourage applications from traditionally marginalised groups
  1. Share our values both internally and externally
  • sustain an open and honest dialogue with our team
  • publicly commit to our policies
  • seek constant feedback

This is a process that’s been going on internally for a while, and we decided that it was important to publicly commit to want we want to achieve.

We’ll be posting more here as we work through the implications of each aspect of this, and review and improve our policies step by step.

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