How to survive the office in summer

### The sun is out but you’ve got work to do!

Whether it lasts for two days or two months (and let’s be honest, in the UK it could be either!) a hot spell can make a day in the office feel like a hundred years in hell.

Here are our top tips and tricks for staying cool as a cucumber until 6pm…

1. Dress for success

If for some bonkers reason you’re required to wear a suit, take off your jacket and tie whenever you’re not in a meeting. For everyone else, stick to natural fibres in light colours. If you’re worried about sweaty legs getting vacuum suctioned onto meeting room chairs (it happens), stick on a pair of Tortz.

#### **2. Ice, ice baby**

If you have a freezer, pack it full of those priceless water diamonds. If you don’t, buy a sturdy plastic bucket and put ice cubes in the fridge — they should last the day.

#### **3. Breeze on through**

One window is never enough; it’s all about the cross-breeze. Make sure you open all of the windows, and perhaps even the doors.

If you have blinds, close them where direct sun is getting in. We didn’t say it was rocket science…

#### **4. Dim the lights**

If you don’t need them on, turn the lights off. The one upside of bright, hot weather is that the light is beautiful. Fluorescent lights have been proven to dampen productivity, so make the most of this rare opportunity to get something done (just kidding — we know it’s far too hot!).

#### **5. Snack it like it’s hot**

Now isn’t the time for cake or cookies. Chill out by offering your team frozen grapes, melon and mango. For the coffee lovers, invest in a cold brew pot. It lets your beans seep overnight for a cool, mellow cup.

#### **6. Pamper your pooch**

Don’t forget the office hot dog! No matter how baked you are, he’s sure to be feeling worse. Give him some ice cubes to play with, and if you happen to have a fan, be a sport and share your air.

Once the working day is over, get outside and play…you deserve it!

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Neo Sepulveda

Neo Sepulveda

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