Hiring an HR Assistant

If your company is growing fast and you’re finding that basic administrative tasks are starting to take up most of your day, it may be time to hire an HR Assistant.

Although this might not be the front line of your product offering, investing in someone whose main focus is on your people is one of the best ways to build a strong, lasting culture.

After all, your people are your biggest asset, and happier people work harder, are nicer to be around, and stay in their jobs for longer.

What is an HR Assistant?

As either a first hire into your newly formed “HR Department”, or as support for an existing team, an HR assistant will become an expert at executing essential tasks with ease. From ensuring that everyone’s payroll details are up to date, arranging interviews and managing training programs, they’re a walking, talking information store for everything that keeps your company running efficiently.

What does an HR Assistant do?

Depending on your company’s needs, an HR Assistant’s job can be as broad or narrow as it needs to be. It might include:

  • Managing your HR software

  • Updating payroll

  • Running the hiring process

  • Onboarding new employees

  • Organising team events

  • Sharing internal news

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HR Assistants may also have some participation in the less fun parts of running a company – from disciplinary action, to mediation and even firing – but be careful not to throw a junior hire in at the deep end too soon.

When to hire an HR Assistant

It’s likely that with the right HR software and simple, clear company policies in place you won’t need to hire an HR Assistant in-house until you reach 30+ people. Always make sure that you’ve automated as many processes as possible before you look to hire.

Do you need an HR Assistant if you have HR software?

These days, HR software is a game changer. Platforms like CharlieHR can onboard a new hire’s details and documents, manage time off, track sick days and even update payroll. If you’re still using filing cabinets or Google Drive to store your HR documents, this is already going to save you plenty of time. However, once your company gets bigger a dedicated HR Assistant can not only manage (and be supported by) an HR system, but also add an essential human touch.

The dream situation is that your team feels that software is a resource that can help them to do their best work, not a replacement for their skills, talents and learned expertise.

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What qualities should an HR Assistant have?

Depending on the size of your company and available salary, you may want to hire an HR Assistant with some experience in the field, but it is also possible for a curious and keen person to learn the skills that they need on the job. In general, you should be looking for someone who is:

  • Extremely organised, always paying attention to the details.

  • Happy to interact with all kinds of people.

  • Interested in exploring professional development opportunities for your team.

  • An excellent and confident communicator.

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