3 Tech Startups That Will Make Your Grown Up Life Easier

The ones to watch in April 2017.

Here at Charlie, we think we’re pretty mature. We drink good coffee, watch art house films and talk about the weather.

But when we want to feel young again (without quitting our job and moving home to our parents), we turn to the high-tech businesses that promise to take some of the the stress out of “adulting”. They bring effortless expertise in saving, renting and investing, so we can get back to the very mature pursuits of listening to loud music and eating cereal for dinner!

Cleo — an intelligent assistant for your money

Looking to understand your finances better? Easy peasy. Cleo is the new “smart assistant for your money” and we’d have to agree. With useful and practical advice on managing your personal finances, this nifty little piece of technology helps you clearly understand where you splash your cash. Beautifully designed, simple and intelligent, we think Cleo could be Charlie’s new crush.

Propoly — changing the way people rent

Proptech start-up Propoly is on a mission to revolutionise the private rental sector. Propoly provides an easy line of communication between landlords and tenants to make the rental process more seamless than ever before. If you’re a landlord, you can now list and manage your properties simply, quickly, and relatively cheaply. If you’re a tenant, it’s a one-stop-shop for everything from finding a property to letting your landlord know your boiler is broken. Check it out!

Moola — accessible investing, regardless of expertise or wealth

This is your friendly reminder that buying a new outfit doesn’t count as “investing”, even if it’s really, really stylish. Yet to launch but set to be a game-changer, Moola plans to democratise the world of investments. No longer inaccessible, jargon-packed and waffly, Moola means you don’t have to earn squillions to be smart with your pennies.

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